LFC x Flipper Collections partner with local oral care specialist in Thailand - DragCura.

As Thailand has more than 10m Liverpool fans, traditionally one of the biggest base of Liverpool reds in Asia, Orca Malaysia is therefore delightful to announce that we have partnered with DragCura, a famous retailer specializes in oral care products in Thailand thru our local partner, Allbright.

Mr. Laosantieh of Allbright stated that DragCura will start to retail newly launched LFC x Flipper Personal Oral Care Collection, which are official and licensed by Liverpool Football Club, in several DragCura retail spots in Thailand together with all other original Flipper Oral Care products.

The Collection of LFC x Flipper Personal Care products will be retailing at DragCura stores across Bangkok and regions including Central Embassy, Central Rama 9 and he is planning to add more spots in the near future. With this effort, Mr. Laosantieh hopes that more Liverpool fans would be reached out including all the international travels who might travel to Bangkok.

DragCura was founded to prove that good oral heath can be achieved by preventive approach with curated products. It is DragCura's mission to deliver the best by optimizing accurate information of preventive care and premium products to customers. 

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