More Than Just A Toothbrush Cover

Yes, we only design and manufacture Toothbrush Cover, unique and innovative personal oral care products. We named it - Flipper.

Since 1999, we have created more than 200 different designs of Toothbrush Covers, hygienic and practical.

There is one for you!

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Unique Innovation

Compactly designed with its patented one-touch open and close mechanism.

With various designs - the Flipper is a perfect bath accessory for home living, personal care, or gifts for your love ones, on the road for traveling or even as a collection.

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Hygienic & Practical

Probably, one of the best storage solution for toothbrush!

Flipper protects your health by keeping germs, dust, bugs, bacteria away from your brushes.

Choices of stylish, modern, fun designs for everyone, every interior designs and everyone at different age groups.

See How Flipper Change Your Bathroom Style!