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LFC x Flipper | Toothbrush Cover | Twin Set | A.Becker 1 + LFC Liverbird

LFC x Flipper | Toothbrush Cover | Twin Set | A.Becker 1 + LFC Liverbird

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The Design - A.Becker 1, our goalkeeper from Brazil and recognized as one of the best goalie in the world. The design is a special and limited edition on a 2023/24 black jersey with the number, 1. This A.Becker 1, only a limited quantity would be made for the Reds worldwide.  Once sold, it is considered gone as no additional production would be added in. This Twin Set will be paired with the Iconic LFC Liverbird which come a long way since 1892. It is a classic design that LFC fans love and like to collect. It needs no explanation for the rich history of this symbolic element of the Liverpool Football Club. It is more than just a logo to LFC fan, it is a LFC Liverbird. 

More than just a Toothbrush Cover - This LFC x Flipper Toothbrush Cover Twin Set is featuring a pair of unique toothbrush covers consists of A.Becker 1, a special limited edition with limited quantity, and LFC Liverbird. These would be something a LFC fan would like to brighten up the bathroom interior, or in the display shelf, and more interestingly, with its reputable one-touch open and close mechanism, not only practical but also to protect toothbrushes hygienically. Else, a great traveling companion and a wonderful delicate gift!

LFC Official Licensed Product - Every LFC Official Licensed Product including this one is labeled with an original and genius LFC hologram sticker at the back of the packaging. This is to make sure that you have purchased the authentic LFC Official Licensed Product.

The Packaging Box! - This packaging box is specially designed with super-soft-feel quality, so itself is an exclusive gift box as a collectible or for your love ones.

Materials - It is made of high quality environmental friendly material, ABS/Non-phthalates PVC and BPA-free, we designed and manufactured by our own secured facilities in Malaysia.

Measurement - The dimensions of the Cover is L47 x H47 and W39mm which is designed to be super compact and with its clever design, it can fit 99% of the toothbrushes in the market. 

Mobility - The LFC x Flipper Toothbrush Cover comes with an integrated suction cup which is strong and mobile. You can use it for at home, or for traveling and of course, for a gift to your love ones. 

Care - Wash and clean the Cover at least once a month. The ventilation holes by the sides are to air dry the toothbrushes after use. Make sure to clean inside out for durability. If the suction cup is deformed, use hot water to reform the shape so the suction will return to normal.

Design and Manufacturer - Orca Innovation is proud to be the original designer of this unique product and we manufacture with cares the entire LFC Official Licensed Product in our facilities located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

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Customer Reviews

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Fenny B
Clever design

Nice. Very clever design to keep toothbrush clean and neat. Like Alisson 1 the feel is great.

Jim K

Wow. Nice packaging and designs!!

Good product!

Awesome design.

Esther Chi
Good buy!

One of the best buy. Useful. My husband just loves it.

Keith B.
Smart solution for toothbrush!

I personally like Alisson a lot and when I come across with this LFC products, I am impressed by its design, and feature. I never see something like this before. Great design! Love it.