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LFC x Flipper | Toothbrush Cover | Twin Set | LFC Crest + LFC Liverbird

LFC x Flipper | Toothbrush Cover | Twin Set | LFC Crest + LFC Liverbird

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The Design - The Iconic LFC Crest and Liverbird have come a long way since 1892, representing classic designs that LFC fans love and cherish in their collections. These symbolic elements hold no need for explanation, encapsulating the rich history of the Liverpool Football Club. To LFC fans, they are more than just a crest or symbol; they embody the essence of The Club, forming a deep connection between the city of Liverpool and the devoted fanbase.

More than just a Toothbrush Cover - This LFC x Flipper Toothbrush Cover, available in two captivating designs. The first variant features the LFC Crest against a clear with background, highlighting its classic, long-lasting and historical position. This cover is not only a stylish addition to your bathroom or display shelf, but also boasts a reputable one-touch open and close mechanism, ensuring practicality while maintaining the hygiene of toothbrushes. It serves also as a great travel companion and made of a delightful and delicate gift. The second variant showcases the LFC Liverbird on a LFC red background, echoing The Club's iconic symbol. Just like its counterpart, it combines elegance with functionality, offering the same one-touch open and close mechanism - a great storage solution!

LFC Official Licensed Product - Every LFC Official Licensed Product including this one is labeled with an original and genius LFC hologram sticker at the back of the packaging. This is to make sure that you have purchased the authentic LFC Official Licensed Product.

The Packaging Box! - This packaging box is specially designed with super-soft-feel quality, so itself is an exclusive gift box as a collectible or for your love ones.

Materials - It is made of high quality environmental friendly material, ABS/Non-phthalates PVC and BPA-free, we designed and manufactured by our own secured facilities in Malaysia.

Measurement - The dimensions of the Cover is L47 x H47 and W39mm which is designed to be super compact and with its clever design, it can fit 99% of the toothbrushes in the market. 

Mobility - The LFC x Flipper Toothbrush Cover comes with an integrated suction cup which is strong and mobile. You can use it for at home, or for traveling and of course, for a gift to your love ones. 

Care - Wash and clean the Cover at least once a month. The ventilation holes by the sides are to air dry the toothbrushes after use. Make sure to clean inside out for durability. If the suction cup is deformed, use hot water to reform the shape so the suction will return to normal.

Design and Manufacturer - Orca Innovation is proud to be the original designer of this unique product and we manufacture with cares the entire LFC Official Licensed Product in our facilities located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan L
Classic LFC

The Crest and Liverbird are perfectly printed. Love it!

Fernando Ferra
Gorgeous design!!!

Received today! I think the designer made it with cares. The cover is even protected by a film. The packaging is soft. Well thought design overall. Worth every penny!

Johnson Matthew

The mechanism is smart. LFC logos are perfect.

Cindy Tan
Perfect for traveling.

A bit expensive but I like them. One for daily use and one for traveling. Love the design.

Daniel Kulba

This is a great product for hygiene and with LFC, it is just a perfect items in my bathroom!