The Best Storage Solution

Where do you normally place or store your toothbrush after each brush? 

Well, you might be surprised after watching this short video!

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Most of us do this...

  • Sitting on a wash basin

  • Keeping in a cup

  • Scrambling together

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Hidden Threats

Leaving toothbrush without protection will increase the risk of infection. Bacteria and viruses are spreading across the space in the bathroom which is an alert for health concerns.

Our Solution

Store toothbrush inside a closed cover with an integrated ventilated design. Clean. Safe. Hygienic.

The Idea of Flipper Toothbrush Cover

  • Store Your Toothbrush Hygienically

    Stop cross-contamination by separation! Our protective cover safely keeps your toothbrush free of germs, dust, bugs and other yucky stuff.

  • One-Touch Open And Close Feature

    The unique and patented mechanism design allows Flipper to open and close automatically in response to the tug and push of the toothbrush. Conveniently practical.

  • More Than Just A Toothbrush Cover

    Our vision is to promote oral hygiene and brushing habit. Variety of Flipper(s) are designed each year, our goal is to have one that fits everyone of you.

  • Innovative & Stylish

    Automatically open and close with a gentle push or pull. No strings and no battery! Just a simple crispy sound!

  • Portability & Compact

    Compact and with great flexibility to move around with its strong and easy-to-use integrated suction cup.

  • Hygienic & Practicality

    Smart design for vertical storage of toothbrushes with ventilated designs for air-dry features.

  • Sleek & Multi-Purposes

    A great bath accessory for home living, personal care, or a perfect gift for your love ones. It is also a great traveling companion on the roads.

Award Winning Design

Our effort is proven with recognition by winning multiple design accolades, including the internationally prestigious and much coveted German reddot design award, the first Malaysian company to earn this reward.